This project is a full remake of the popular survival/sandbox based multiplayer game Space Station 13, originally developed on the BYOND platform and released in February 2003. The new Space Station 13 will be written in C# and DirectX, built from the ground up on a new engine. Our aim is to maintain most of the core elements which make up the original.

What started as a simple cellular automata of gas and temperature flow, quickly evolved into a fully fledged game based on modelling a working space station. In the game you were able to interact in an impressive number of ways. From building walls and floors, down to combining items to create whole new equipment. Players could theoretically expand the station (or destroy it) as they saw fit.

At the beginning of each round players were assigned a job on the station, and tasked with keeping their part of it in check. Doctors helped the injured, engineers kept the engine going, a good geneticist could even clone the dead! and security were in force to keep things in check. The game had huge scope, and unpredictability meant that no two rounds played much alike..

The most popular game mode; ‘Traitor‘, tasked one (or more) players with completing a secret objective. Usually to assassinate a member of the crew or steal some vital equipment. The crew are tasked to identify this traitor and prevent him or her from completing their mission and leaving on the escape shuttle.

Did you want to mess with DNA? Turn deceased crew into lumbering automatons? or just watch people slip up on the floor you’re mopping as a lowly janitor?

Alternatively, turn man into machine!

Turn a man into a monkey!

Alternatively, turn man into machine!

Alternatively, turn man into machine!

Don't slip on the wet floor!

Don’t slip on the wet floor!

Despite this depth, the game can be criticised for its cumbersome interface, poor combat and somewhat archaic graphics (seen above). Not to mention being rather unresponsive at times. To solve these issues, the game is being rewritten from scratch on a completely new engine…which is obviously no small feat.


Our objective is to implement all of the features and improvements listed below:

  • Atmospheric gas system
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Totally overhauled interface and GUI
  • Fully destructible station
  • Realistic organ based health simulation
  • Individual job based player objectives
  • Robust combat system (2.0)
  • Jobs: AI / Captain / Head of Personnel / Security / Geneticist / Engineer / Atmospheric Technician / Medical / Chemist / Toxin Scientist / Roboticist / Janitor / Assistant /(Other jobs pending confirmation)
  • Game Modes: Traitor / Nuclear / Revolution / Malfunction / Science & Industry

For additional information, please refer to our rather lengthy FAQ.

We would like to hear from you! here’s some information if you’d like to get in touch:

Email[email protected]  Twitter: @RobustGames