July 06 2013: Status Update

Hello my friends, Supernorn here with some more words on Space Station 13!

Coding: Since our last update, Keelin and Enstorm have been working hard on the netcode. In coding, this can be pretty unfun, but highly important and necessary work. 

Ostaf has been working diligently on improving our atmospherics code. Support for internals was just added, and more recently he implemented the ability for items to move around with gas. This means that when you expose a room to the vacuum of space, well.. 

We’re still working on these important frameworks, and once we’ve got these out of the way we can really get full steam ahead with adding content. We can already see the potential, we hope you do too!

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0 thoughts on “July 06 2013: Status Update

  1. Calaros

    Awesome, great to see the foundations coming along so nicely 🙂 Can’t wait for the content stage.

    How much do you guys anticipate yourselves including silly stuff akin to Goonstation? It’s something I really enjoy about Goonstation servers

  2. Damien Scott

    That. Is. Amazing. Will there be features like turning yourself into a monkey, like in the original game?

  3. Bobylein

    Sweeeet, thought I do not like the graphic style you use, I am really looking forward to your game!

  4. Space asshole

    Do not forget, that items should behave differently, when the hull is breached, according to their mass and surface area.

  5. Biwwy

    I check your site atleast once a week cause I love ss13 and its been 3 months since your last post, Im fiending for another post from you guys. Keep up the good work!


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