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Hello! As you may have noticed, It’s been a long time since we’ve had an update on the front page. We’ve been keeping people up to date off-site, but we’re long overdue for another status update. So what’s happening?

New Hub Website:

You may have noticed some odd behaviour with the website over the last few days, that’s due to us switching hosts and getting our new website ready to go live.

Our plan for the site is ambitious. Ultimately we’d like to use the Space Station 13 domain responsibly and begin offering news and information for both versions of the game, including the many BYOND branches currently in development.

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This means when the site rolls out in the next few days, we’ll have a dedicated BYOND section that will provide links and information to the many community hubs, servers, forums and wikis. Our roots are mainly in the original ‘goonstation‘ branch developed by the Something Awful community, but we’d like to extend an olive branch to anyone that would like to take part.

We’ve also approached several people in the community that are integral to the game’s past (and future) development, and they’ll be contributing a few stories on our behalf.


The silence may have said a lot, but development has been a struggle as of late. Our focus on rewriting large sections of the game has not only slowed our progress and momentum over the last few months, but a lot of the team’s motivation.

As you know from our last back-end update, there were a lot of systems in place that needed optimising due to the number of messages being sent to and from the client/server. This will probably be put on the backburner while we regroup and think about our next steps. The current plan is to try to get more content into the game.

We’ve also unfortunately lost founding team-member and coder, Enstorm. With the birth of his newborn daughter earlier this year, he ultimately decided that he could no longer dedicate the free time to working on the project while balancing his work and personal life. We want to thank Enstorm for his time, and acknowledge that we have a large amount of respect for both him and his work.

Our artist Supernorn has recently been hired at Chucklefish to begin work on a new title currently entering early development. We wish to offer a huge congratulations to him!

Supernorn resprited the majority of BYOND SS13‘s art assets in early 2009, and is responsible for the majority of the art in SS13 Standalone. Despite his recent hire, he’ll continue working with us to develop the game.


The Future:

Do the recent setbacks and barriers mean we’ve given up and cancelled the project? No.


With game development, you hit hurdles and brick walls every day. This is simply the nature of the beast. Anyone who has attempted to develop and design a game will be the first to tell you that it’s a hard path to follow. Space Station 13 is an incredibly ambitious game, with a large amount of systems and simulations interacting and co-existing with each other. This makes the hurdles and barriers bigger and more frequent, especially for a small team with no budget, working for free in their spare time.

There’s a reason all past attempts have stumbled at the first few hurdles, but we’ve got the furthest to the finish line so far. We’re going to keep running.





0 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Tony

    Woah, thank god you are alive and I really hope this all in one community hub will succeed. I can’t wait to see it. Keep up the good work and please for the love of god, don’t give it up.

  2. Jake

    I’m glad that an Independent team can make such an awesome looking game. I love SS13, and I would pay for an update like this. Good luck, and thank you for all the effort and hard work you all are putting into this.

  3. Paro Clomas

    Your job is very important, you are heroes, please keep it up and let me know how i can help i don’t know how to program but im pretty good at 3d modelling, if i understood correctly the sprite creation system needs 3d models, right? please let me know ill do it for free.

  4. Hydrasius

    I know you guys don’t want any funding but at least think about it. More than half the people who are supporting you guys want to donate. So, since you’re making a new site, why not add a donation tab for people like me who want to donate to your awesome team and work. Also, since Enstorm left, you could use some funding, and we’re glad to help. 🙂 As always, keep up the good work, we’re counting on you.

      1. TickTock

        If people provided funding though they are going to expect the game to be completed and will probably lash back if the project is somehow dropped for any reason. Its probably best to leave these guys to finish it on their own, it would mean more pressure for them to get it done which is probably not what the need if they have other jobs and priorities.

  5. Atlas

    If you guys do ever go off the deep end and quit for whatever reason, it couldn’t hurt to make what you already have open source instead of letting it die. It would be a shame to see another promising project with so much work put into it go out like that.
    Just sayin.

  6. GTbrawlers

    Thank god we have a status update, I thought it may have actually hit such a big wall it wouldn’t be out till next year.

    May I suggest taking a look here:

    They may give you some motivation although I suggest moving to the last 5 pages of the thread as they are the most upto date talking about current flaws and how much people want a standalone. The sheer popularity of that thread alone should also provide some motivation and you may be able to find new developers!

    Thanks again for this great game and I hope to hear more from this.

  7. DJ

    You guys are doing some amazing work. I don’t think I’ll actually go to the trouble of playing the BYOND version many more times (I use a Mac), but I would definitely play a PC/Mac version that didn’t have insane lag issues. You should do a kickstarter; I’d back it in a heartbeat.

  8. Admiral Hippie

    You guys should totally add in an option to toggle the player animations on and off in the options menu

  9. Wrath

    Yes, you guys should start a kick starter! There is no downsides, and it can help you gain followers and funding.

  10. mokocchi

    So basically everyone is jumping ship because things are getting hard and a team of four people can’t do what it took hundreds of people ten years to do?

    This is the seventh time I think that an attempted SS13 remake has failed.

    1. Supernorn Post author

      Where in the update does it say any of those things? nobody is ‘jumping ship’, people have left for real world responsibilities like caring for their newborn children. Most of us work on BYOND SS13 and have done so for the last 6+ years, we know what the workload is like.


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